Joe Melendrez is a professional youth minister, inspirational speaker, and Catholic performer who welcomes new opportunities to bring forth the Kingdom of God.

Since 2008, he has dedicated his life to helping others, especially youth, grow deeper in prayer and stronger in faith.

Joe travels across the country and around the world, speaking and performing at churches and schools. (He even had the opportunity to perform for Pope Benedict XVI at World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain!)

Joe’s music covers a wide variety of faith focused topics, from Understanding the Sacraments, to Preparing for Heaven. It is not uncommon to see enthusiastic participants of all ages, from middle schoolers to senior citizens, pumping their fists in the air, while praising God, during one of Joe’s high energy concerts.

Joe specializes in innovative forms of evangelization, such as God Swagg Apparel, a cutting edge, faith-based clothing line designed to help you, REP WHAT YOU BELIEVE!

Joe’s BA in Religious Studies, allows him to produce truly transformative retreats that are engaging and rich in spiritual content, resulting in an always exciting faith-filled experience!

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